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Coupletech Co., Ltd.Coupletech Co., Ltd.Coupletech Co., Ltd.Coupletech Co., Ltd.Coupletech Co., Ltd.
Coupletech Co., Ltd.
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Neodymium doped Yttrium Vanadate Laser Crystal Nd:YVO4

Product Description: Nd:YVO4 ( Neodymium doped Yttrium Vanadate ) crystal is one of the most promising commercially available diode pumped solid state laser material, Neodymium doped Yttrium Vanadate Laser Crystal Nd:YVO4 combines with lower lasing threshold, higher slope efficiency, large stimulated emission cross-section, Optically uniaxial and large birefringence emit strongly-polarized laser, NdYVO4 linearly polarized light output, easy tuning for single mode and high tolerance for pumping wavelength. Compared Nd:YAG laser crystal, 5 times larger absorption coefficient in a broader band centered at 807nm and favorable mechanical properties make Nd:YVO4 well suited for compact, efficient, high power diode-pumped lasers. The natural birefringence of Nd:YVO4 Crystals gives rise to a highly polarized output at 1064nm, 1342nm and 914nm. Nd:YVO4 Laser Crystal has widespread applications of laser systems, including machining, material processing, spectroscopy, wafer inspection, light displays, medical diagnostics, laser printing, etc. Nd:YVO4 is suitable for laser diode pumping among the current commercial laser crystals, especially for low to middle laser power density. Pumped by laser diodes, Nd:YVO4 crystal has been incorporated with high NLO coefficient crystals ( LBO Crystals, BBO Crystals, or KTP Crystals ) to frequency-shift the output from the near infrared to green, blue, or even UV.

Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet Nd:YAG Crystal

Product Description: Coupletech Co., Ltd supplies Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet Nd:YAG crystal using the Czochralski technique for use in industrial, medical, military and scientific applications. Coupletech manufactures various finished laser rods with different sizes, slabs and wafers as well as supplying Nd:YAG blank or materials. Although Nd:YAG Laser Crystal was invented in the Sixties last century, it has been and is still the most commonly used solid-state laser crystals material. Nd:YAG crystals are wildly used in all types of solid-state lasers systems, frequency-doubled continuous wave, high-energy Q-switched, and so forth. Its good fluorescent lifetime thermal conductivity and physical strengths makes it suitable for high power lamp pumped laser. Neodymium Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet 1064nm Crystal is High Gain Laser Crystal. In the time, Diffusion Bonded Crystals YAG+Nd:YAG, Cr:YAG+Nd:YAG are available.   Dimension: size up to dia.10x185mm and maximum diameter of dia.40mmx2mm · Nd Dopant Level: 0.3~2.0(±0.1)atm% · Diameter tolerance: ±0.05mm · Length tolerance: ±0.5mm · Perpendicularity: < 5 arc minutes · Parallelism: <10 arc seconds · Wavefront distortion: λ/8 · Flatness: λ/10 · Sccratch/Dig: 10/5 · Chamfer: 0.1mmx45° · HR-Coating: R>99.8%@1064nm and R<5%@808nm · AR-Coating (Single layer MgF2): R<0.2% per surface (@1064nm) · Other HR coatings, such as HR @ 1064/532 nm, HR @ 946nm, HR 1319 nm and other wavelengths are also available. · Damage Threshold: >500MW/cm^2 10ns 10Hz 1064nm

Cr-doped Colquiriite (Cr:LiSAF) Laser Crystal

Product Description: Coupletech provides high quality, Cr-doped Colquiriite (Cr:LiSAF) laser crystal using the Czochralski technique.  Cr:LiSAF crystal is excellent laser material with high energy storage and high slope efficiency.  Cr:LiSAF is also ideal working material under conditions of ultra short pulse and ultra high power.  Currently, Cr:LiSAF related products such as flashlight pumping and diode pumping laser have been widely used. It is different from the normal laser crystals , such as :  Yb:YAG Crystals, Nd:YAG Crystals, Nd:YVO4 Crystals.  The Sellmeier equations (λ in μm) of Cr:LiSAF : nc2 =1.98448+0.00235/(λ²-0.010936)-0.01057λ² na2=1.97673+0.00309/(λ²-0.00935)-0.00828λ² Specifications of Cr:LiSAF: Size:  Rod sizes from 2mm to 16mm in diameter and from 1mm to 180mm in length;   Cr dopant concentrations:0.5~1.0 mol%; Parallelism:<10 ″;    Perpendicularity:<5 ′; Chamfer: 0.13±0.07mm ×45°; Scratch/Dig code: 10/5 to MIL-PRF-13830B; Flatness: λ/8 @ 632.8nm; AR coating: R<0.10% @ 850nm. Large rod and slab dimensions and non-standard dopant concentrations are available upon request.  Coupletech also provides other kinds of laser crystal such as :  Cr:YAG Crystals and Diffusion Bonded Crystals.

Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells

Product Description: BBO-based Pockels cell are used to change the polarization state of light passing through it when an voltage is applied to the electrodes of BBO Electro-optic Components. Typical applications include Q-switching of the laser cavity, laser cavity dumping and coupling light into and from regenerative amplifiers. Low piezoelectric ringing makes BBO Pockels cells attractive for the control of high-power and high repetition rate lasers. Fast switching electronic drivers properly matched to the cell are available for Q-switches, cavity dumping and other applications. Double BBO Crystal Pockels Cells are transverse field devices. The quarter-wave voltage is proportional to the ratio of electrode spacing and crystal length, therefore, smaller aperture, lower quarter-wave voltage, besides, double crystal design, which has lower quarter-wave voltage, is widely used to work in half-wave mode with fast switching times. CPDBQS-0404020 has two BBO crystals series design, so the quarter-wave voltage is 2500 V, and the half-wave voltage is 5000 V, the double crystal design can extend many application of electro-optical and Pockels Cell Modulator. Coupletech can provide many different kinds of Pockels cell and Electro-optic Components, such as Beta Barium Borate Bbo Pockels Cells, Ktp Pockels Cells, Double Bbo Crystal Pockels Cells, Dkdp (kd * p) Pockels Cells and LN Pockels Cells. These EO Q-Switches have different characteristics and very good quality. These Pockels cell have different functions to meet different needs of customers in various fields. We have abundant stock and preferential price. Welcome to purchase.

Diffusion bonded Composite DBC Laser Crystal

Product Description: Coupletech also provides a various of diffusion bonded Composite laser crystal, such as Nd:YVO4 + YVO4, YVO4 + Nd:YVO4 + YVO4, Nd:YAG + Cr:YAG, Yb:YAG + Cr:YAG, Nd:YAG + YAG crystal, etc. Diffusion-bonded Crystal technology is to make two or three pieces of laser crystal with the same crystal substrate close together to form the optical cement at room temperature after a series of treatment, and then heat-treated crystal to form a permanent bonded without the case of other binders, and thermal lens effect can be reduced by diffusion-bounded technology. Diffusion Bonded Crystals (composite laser rods) consist of one laser crystal and one or two undoped material. They`re combined by optical contact method and further bonded under high temperature. Diffusion Bonded Crystals can effectively decrease thermal lensing effect considerably, therefore it`s very suitable for high power laser applications.

Zero Order and True Zero Order Waveplate

Product Description: Zero Order and True Zero Order Waveplate is a quarter or half-wave retarder made from two plates of quartz within their fast axes crossed. The difference in waveplates thickness between the two plates determines the retardance. Zero order retarders provide accurate retardance over a broad range of wavelengths and are more durable than single element retarders. Zero order waveplate and True Zero order waveplate are very popular as a common kind of Polarizing Optic. Polarization Optics contains Polarization Rotator, Polarizing Filter, Polarizing Beam Splitter, and so on. Zero order waveplate shows better performance than multiple order waveplates, it has broad bandwidth and a lower sensitivity to temperature and wavelength changes. It should be considered for more critical application. Cemented Zero Order Waveplate including Optically Contacted Zero Order Waveplate and Air-Spaced Zero Order Waveplate; True Zero Order Waveplate is including Cemented True Zero-Order Waveplate and Single Plate True Zero-Order Waveplate.   

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Coupletech Co., Ltd. has passed the certification: A modular bracket for active temperature control crystals.

Our company has recently obtained a utility model patent certificate " Modular support for active temperature control crystals ". A modular bracket for active temperature control crystals is characterized in that the bracket comprises a mounting base and a heat dissipation module arranged on the mounting base. The heat dissipation module comprises a square module body and a heat dissipation fan placement slot arranged on one side of the module body. A penetrating module is arranged at the bottom of the heat dissipation fan placement slot. The cooling through hole of the main body is arranged in a strip shape, and the cooling fan is arranged in a placing slot with a cooling fan. The cooling fan can be disassembled and arranged in a placing slot of the cooling fan. A crystal installation mechanism is arranged on the top of the cooling module, and the crystal installation mechanism comprises a removable and fixed on the cooling module. A square crystal mounting structure and a crystal mounting structure plate arranged between the crystal mounting structure and the heat dissipation module.

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